Reviews of Popcorn Comedy

Popcorn Comedy is a Time Out ‘Critic’s Choice’. We have also featured on the Culture Show. Here are some nice things that people have said about us;

“An Incredibly fun evening”

~Time Out

“Popcorn Comedy was a joy to behold.”

~ The Sun

“Modern technology is destroying the boundaries between artist and audience, making it easier than ever before to make   short comic films. In the UK, Popcorn Comedy is at the forefront of this creative revolution.”

~ Graham Linehan

“I haven’t been to a better comedy night for yonks and yonks. It is that good.”

~ Robert Popper

“Popcorn Comedy does the hard work for us, offering a monthly selection of the strongest, sharpest and funniest videos online. And instead of the usual 320 by 240 pixels, here they’ll be transposed to the altogether more satisfying platform of a full-size cinema screen, and mixed with live performances.”

~ The Guardian

“Popcorn is such a good idea you almost can’t believe it’s the only club like it.”

~ Spoonfed