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If you'd like us to feature your comedy video at one of our live nights please submit it (here...)

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Send us your comedy videos

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If you’d like us to feature your comedy film at one of our nights please send the link, along with your contact details.

Do bear in mind that we tend to show films that are around 5 minutes or less at our shows.

We watch everything we get sent, but we can’t promise to feature all films at our nights.

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  • Please note that we are unable to receive files or host material at this submission stage.
  • Got something you really want to tell us about the video? Tell us in the box above.

About Us

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Popcorn Comedy is a comedy night that presents some of the strongest, sharpest and funniest videos online. Our nights also feature the country’s best stand up and character comedians as they showcase their own short comedy films.

Previous live performers include Peter Serafinowicz, Holly Walsh, Tim Key, Adam Buxton, Josie Long, Robert Popper and Graham Linehan.

Popcorn Comedy is a Time Out ‘Critic’s Choice’. We have also featured on the Culture Show. Here are some nice things that people have said about us;

“Popcorn Comedy was a joy to behold.” ~ The Sun
“Modern technology is destroying the boundaries between artist and audience, making it easier than ever before to make   short comic films. In the UK, Popcorn Comedy is at the forefront of this creative revolution.” ~ Graham Linehan
“I haven’t been to a better comedy night for yonks and yonks. It is that good.” ~ Robert Popper
“Popcorn Comedy does the hard work for us, offering a monthly selection of the strongest, sharpest and funniest videos online. And instead of the usual 320 by 240 pixels, here they’ll be transposed to the altogether more satisfying platform of a full-size cinema screen, and mixed with live performances.” ~ The Guardian
“Popcorn is such a good idea you almost can’t believe it’s the only club like it.”~ Spoonfed

Who is Popcorn?

Popcorn Comedy was created by Jon Petrie and Holly Walsh. The nights are run by Trevor Klein, Barry Pilling and Jon Petrie.

Jon Petrie


Popcorn Comedy Founder and Producer
Jon is an online producer currently working at Ash Atalla’s company Roughcut. His television CV includes; QI, Comic Relief, Never Mind The Buzzcocks and The IT Crowd.

Trevor Klein


Popcorn Comedy Assistant Producer and Head of Online
Trevor is a cross-platfrom producer for BBC Switch. He’s currently working on Chartjackers and The Cut.

Barry Pilling


Popcorn Comedy Assistant Producer and Editor
Barry is a self-shooting director, editor and animator with credits for the BBC, ITV and Sky. He’s currently working on Being Human for BBC Three.

Holly Walsh


Popcorn Comedy Founder
Holly is a stand up comedian. She’s appeared on the panels for Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Mock the Week, 8 Out of 10 Cats and You Have Been Watching. She has also hosted the TNT Show on Channel 4 with Jack Whitehall and she won the Chortle Best Newcomer Award in 2008.

Caroline Mabey


Popcorn Comedy Animator
Caroline is a stand up comedian and animator. She’s animated for comedy shows Monkey Dust on BBC2 and Little Miss Jocelyn on BBC3.

Can I host Popcorn Comedy at my venue?

If you’d be interested in hosting Popcorn Comedy then please get in touch with us ()

Where can I watch films featured at your nights?

Most of the films featured at our nights can be found on our Website or on our You Tube Channel.

Can I sponsor or advertise at Popcorn Comedy?

There are opportunities to sponsor or advertise at Popcorn Comedy. If you are interested in seeing your brand on the website or at our live nights, please email us ()

How do I submit films?

Please click here to submit a film to be shown at one of our nights.

Can I book a ticket to one of your events?

We host the night in many different venues, please see our event listings to find links to ticket information for specific nights.

Can I sign up to your mailing list?

Yes you can! Click ()

Can I unsubscribe from your mailing list?

Yes you can :( ()

The Popcorn Comedy Video Playlist

Now Playing

  • London - March 2010 | Ep. 8
  • A selection of videos from London's February 2010 live show.

    Video archives

  • London - February 2010 | Ep. 7
  • London - January 2010 | Ep. 6
  • Ginglink - London, 01/12/09 | Ep. 5
  • Roxy Bar - London, 05/11/09 | Ep. 4
  • Elec. Cinema - B'ham, 05/10/09 | Ep. 3
  • Tabernacle - London, 22/09/09 | Ep. 2
  • Edinburgh Festival, 06/08/09 | Ep. 1

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